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Protect Your Invention with Patent Registration in Malaysia

Protect Your Invention with Patent Registration in Malaysia

Patent Rights & Protection

Whether you've crafted a groundbreaking prescription medication or harnessed renewable energy sources, remarkable innovations have the power to drive transformative change across various aspects of our lives. If you've developed something innovative with commercial potential, you definitely should consider safeguarding it through patent registration in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the patent application involves a rigorous assessment of your invention's novelty, uniqueness, inventiveness, and industrial applicability. This process protects all your innovations, encompassing products or methods that fulfil all the criteria for patentability.

Submitting a patent application establishes a legal shield against potential encroachments by others, granting you the exclusive privilege to commercialize and leverage your invention. This safeguard is paramount in today's fiercely competitive business landscape, where enterprises continually seek an advantage.

Patent registration shields your invention and elevates your company's standing as an inventive and competitive participant in your industry. Investing in product research and development while securing patents showcases your commitment to generating innovative and valuable products or services.


Our services include:

  • Patent drafting
  • Prior art (Patentability / Novelty) searches and market investigations
  • Freedom to Operate searches
  • General advice regarding patent filing strategies
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting Malaysian and/or international patent application
  • Facilitating the registration of patent in other jurisdictions
  • Patent watches to identify competitors’ application and registration
  • Managing maintenance and renewal of granted patent
  • Advising on infringement and invalidation of granted patent
  • Negotiating amicable settlement and drafting co-existence agreement
  • Negotiating and drafting license and/or assignment agreement
  • Conducting patent due diligence and portfolio management
  • Patent valuation

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If you possess a patent, you can prevent others from employing your idea for commercial purposes like manufacturing or selling for 20 years. This importance allows you to prohibit anyone from using your patent invention without your explicit consent. Without a valid patent, you forfeit the legal legitimacy to participate in any undertakings, especially those associated with advancing, promoting, and bringing your groundbreaking patented creation to market. Contact us now for our intellectual property protection and patent registration services for your unique inventions!

Please refer to our Patent FAQs about Patents for more information on patent law.

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