Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration & Protection in Malaysia

Copyright Registration & Protection in Malaysia

Copyright, an integral facet of intellectual property rights, predominantly extends its protective mantle over various creations. These encompass books, periodicals, promotional literature, melodies, software applications, written compositions, corporate communications, and any innovative works that entail original literary or artistic endeavours. The purview of copyright law serves as a guardian, shielding the earnings generated by enterprises through chart-topping music albums, beloved literary works, engaging computer games, and cutting-edge software innovations.

To effectively navigate copyright registration and protection in Malaysia, a recommended practice is to proactively tackle the matter of ownership, ideally before any creative work comes into existence. It is wise to formalize agreements with your business partner(s) that delineate ownership and usage rights regarding the copyright before committing significant resources or investments.

Why Should You Register (Lodge Voluntary Notification) Your Copyrighted Work in Malaysia?

Copyright Registration & Protection in Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the members of the Berne Convention. Thus, copyright registration is not obligatory in Malaysia. Copyright protection will be granted automatically to original works without the requirement of formal registration. You can employ the Copyright Voluntary Notification if you hold copyrights as an individual aspect. This protection can verify your ownership of the content created and as proof of the creation date.

When you officially register your work, you earn the designation of a certified copyright holder and receive a certificate. This certificate is indisputable evidence of your copyright ownership, with substantial legal significance. This certificate aims to verify the facts in any potential dispute, streamlining the legal proceedings and reducing the time and costs of pursuing copyright infringers.

Our services include:

  • General advice regarding lodgement of copyright voluntary notification
  • Drafting Statutory Declaration in support of voluntary notification
  • Filing copyright voluntary notification in Malaysia
  • Facilitating registration of copyright in other jurisdictions
  • Negotiating and drafting license and/or assignment agreement
  • Advising on infringement of copyright
  • Advising on enforcement of copyright
  • Conducting copyright due diligence and portfolio management
  • Copyright valuation

Lodge Voluntary Notification for Your Copyright Protection in Malaysia Today!

Venture IP is your destination for support in all facets of copyright. We cover everything from determining copyright validity and establishing robust record-keeping systems to managing ownership transfers, copyright licensing, and other copyright-related dealings. Embark on your journey through the realm of intellectual property protection and copyright registrationwith us.

To find further details about copyright law and registration in Malaysia, please consult our Copyright FAQs section.

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